Propertyauctionsitaly.com avails free information to all, regarding the more interesting Italian properties that are put up for state auction; in a completely free fashion. The properties here described are not offered for sale by us or though us but are auctioned by the Italian Public court. The purpose of PropertyAutcionsItaly.com is to propose to investors or international buyers, properties of particular value and/or importance, and which represent not only a viable investment but a resource to preserve and enhance. Although we operate in the most professional manner, offering our utmost attention to detail there can be errors in the published public data or it may not be current, Via dei Colli does takes no responsibility for any of these errors, omissions or inaccuracies. It is therefore advisable to contact us immediately if an interest arises.
Anyone interested in real estate proposed by PropertyAuctionsItaly.com can rely on our agency, Via dei Colli Immobiliare, to provide all the necessary services to participate in said auction. These services are offered for a fee, the amount varying depending on the property and the necessary due diligence involved.